My Place Apartments Is A RIP OFF

Robert Sher, Owner of My Place Apartments

LRS READERS, I NEED YOUR HELP!!! I need as many of you all who will to share this post “My Place Apartments IS A RIP OFF”. As of Monday I will officially be homeless. Due to having some credit challenges, I used this apartment search service because they said they could help me. I gave over $1000 and I trusted these people to find me an apartment. They sent me to the apartment you see pictured below and told me if I did not take it I could not get a refund. Of course I declined because it did not meet my “placement criteria” and now I am out of money and still don’t have a place to live.

I just searched them and they have an (F) on the BBB. They are scamming people out of their money because they think no one has the means to fight them. Obviously they don’t know me!!! They may have taken my $800 deposit for an apartment but my goal is to not stop until the lose 10x as much. No one should be taken advantage in a time of need. So I will be THE VOICE for others who did not have to energy to FIGHT this injustice.

So PLEASE….PLEASE for me take a few minutes to share this story and let others know NOT to use them by saying “My Place Apartments IS A RIP OFF”. Also, if you have a had a negative experience with this business or know someone who has, please share!